Your Business is our Business

Our approach is one where we set out to help, and be helpful, by giving our clients support, guidance, accessibility.  Mixed with this approach is the benefit of a collection of minds capable of tackling the full spectrum of assignments - from the straightforward through to the highly complex.

Our aim is to add value to every undertaking, to be accountable, open and honest to make all your relationship with us positive and enduring.

If such a partnership appeals, we're here to help.

Local to Global Focus
We're proud to call Auckland home and have sought to create a working environment and style that capture the open, inviting and cosmopolitan atmosphere of New Zealand's largest city.

At the same time, because our clients often need to pursue opportunities elsewhere, we offer national and international connections and affiliations that can help when needed.  These are people that we have worked with, that we know, and that share similar attitudes about helping people with their business and lives.

Our own team is a group that has worked with SMEs through to major corporations in a wide range of sectors and industries.  We go out of our way to ensure the best mix of skills and competencies are applied to each client's business scale, scope and requirements.

We're confident that our expertise transcends that conventional 'offering' associated with a chartered accountancy practice and will genuinely help get you closer to your goals and business expectations.

Sometimes It's Business As Unusual
Just as no two people are alike, no two businesses are exactly the same.  As well as being about the state and health of a balance sheet, a business is also a personal reflection of the people involved.

Recognising the 'human' side of enterprise, and what makes a particular person and their operation tick, are matters that we regard as important.  The interest, and care, we taken in this side of affairs are reflected in our service and approach.

Our style, while highly professional, is not cold, removed or dry.  We like to get to know the people we're dealing with and reward the trust that is put in us with real regard, empathy and diligence.

We understand what it takes to work successfully in a complex business environment and the qualities required to succeed as an effective part of any team or partnership.

The Big, and Complete, Picture
As business partners we understand our role is to consistently provide solutions that are smart, add value, enhance profit and are cost-effective.  Our service mix, combined with those provided by a number of companies that are part of or affiliated to our group, reflect this belief.

Given their importance to business matters, we have an Information Technology consultancy and Portfolio Management service which are directly aligned to HWI.

Historical information for doing accounts is only one side of the business and wealth creation equation.  Equally, this same material can be an important platform for planning, and building, future developments and growth.  It is all in the understanding and being able to see opportunities, and even problems, that might exist.

Equally, we make a point of keeping up-to-date with the latest business issues and then sharing this knowledge with our clients.  We do this through monthly up dates, seminars, newsletters and regular contact that are part of our service and offered at no extra charge.


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